NameUniRefill Station by Cheva
Size4.00 MB
DescriptionUniRefill Station Rent/Ownship. 10,000 per day/300,000 total plus terraforms. All unit prices +15%/+10% from average. - Area for installation (terraforms): 5x5 (10x10) meters - Units: seeds, lime, liquidFertilizer, Fertilizer, herbicide, manure, wheat, barley, canola, sunflower, soybean, maize, potato, sugarBeet, grass, oilseedRadish, oat, rye, spelt, triticale, millet, sorghum, carrot, onion lettuce, redCabbage, cabbage, hops, sugarCane, poppy, cotton, silage, forage, pigfood, woodchips, tarp, cowfood, liquidmanure, slurry, straw, grass, drygrass_windrow, haypellets, strawpellets, milk, grass_windrow, compost, digestate, fuel , chaff, sugar, water [RENT] - Cost of purchase and installation: 1.00 + terraforms - Service and rental: 10,000 / day - Prices: 15% higher than the average on the map [OWNSHIP] - Cost of purchase and installation: 300,000 + terraforms - Service and rental: 1.00 / day - Prices: 10% higher than the average on the map
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